Friday, October 18, 2013


Happy Friday!

Trace's tree out back was in bloom this week and it was so pretty. A nice orange color that I love. Some year I want to take a photo of it for every season. 

Last Saturday Michael and I headed to the library and then to a park to play. We had an impromptu picnic with our coffee and muffin before heading in. I told Michael we were going to sit on the steps by the library outside and eat our food and he goes, "okay, like a picnic!!" and then he thought it was so fun. He also is getting very specific about which parks he wants to play out and usually labels them by the number and color of the slides present. On this day he requested the park with three green slides, which is by Scott's office. I can usually get his other references but sometimes he throws me for a loop and I have no idea what he is talking about. 

We went pumpkin picking and spruced up our front stoop complete with mums from Wal Mart. All the places with really nice mums were sold out so I must be late this year. However, Wal marts were nice and pretty cheap to boot. 

We started Jazz Band this week at school. Rehearsal starts at 7 (that's a.m.!!) but I try and get there by 6:30 to set up and meet the early arrivals. Sometimes thinking about how early it is is just plain too painful....but I've been drinking way more coffee. It makes for a long day! 

Sometimes I feel like my yard looks the best in the fall once the cool weather sets in. All my hard work in the spring and summer pays off and things look really really good. I always try hard to remember this in those hot, dry months when weeds are rampant. It is important not to give up because sometimes the best is yet to come. :o) 

Finally, saw this in a parking lot and had to take a photo (is that weird?). I love music, too! 

Have a great weekend! 

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