Monday, October 28, 2013

Life Lately

Hi friends, life has been going a mile a minute lately. I've been busy doing some family sessions for friends and it is so fun but I feel like my computer time is being eaten up doing editing rather than blogging. 

Our daycare was off two weeks ago so Michael went to my parents for the week. He had such a fun time and I don't think missed us at all. I am happy my parents were able to take him and create some great memories with him. He is at such a precious age and it is fleeting. I went to get him on the weekend and it was good for me to be home for a little bit too. 

We've also discovered Legos- not just Duplos but the real thing, itty bitty legos thanks to some birthday gifts. And Michael loves them, absolutely loves them. I think it is something about all the little pieces. I am not really sure I am ready to be getting in to all this and keeping all the pieces together-eek! I do know that I loved playing with Legos with my brother when I was growing up and that was before they had the cool girl sets that they do now. I dug around the bin at my parents house and gosh, that brought back memories! I am hoping they are a big part of Michael's childhood as well and I can think of some genius way to keep them all organized (yeah right!). 

We went over to our friends house (thanks, Kylie!) yesterday for chili after the football game and I got to see my buddy Luke. He is just the sweetest. Why do babies have to grow up so fast? It's just not fair! It seems like yesterday Michael was a squishy, drooly, happy 6 month old!

(Michael was just the happiest baby and so much fun to be around-pretty much just like he is today! So funny how things change and yet stay the same)

Happy Monday! Have a great week!

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  1. Loving your blog!!!!

    Love it so much, that I have nominated you for The Sunshine Awards!!!!! Please find the details on my blog here:

    Have fun


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