Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Michael is 4!

This week we celebrated Michael's 4th birthday! Can you believe it? Four years old?? Wow!

Michael has been looking forward to turning four for a long time. For months he would tell people he "was 3...but almost FOUR!". I think this boy is ready for big things and I think this is just the year for them to happen!

He is learning so much every day and is such a smart boy. I am constantly amazed by his memory and how he can connect things that happened a long time ago to things happening today. He still loves all things boy: cars, trucks (especially monster trucks). tractors, dinosaurs, and playing. He also loves reading books and is getting good at helping us finish the story or tell us what is going on in the pictures. He is a great talker and I love hearing him tell stories and make up songs.

When Michael was born we had no idea how much joy he would bring into our lives. He is truly the light of our lives and we are so happy he is here to make our family complete.  Those first precious months are so fun when a baby is new but every day is such a gift. I love seeing Michael grow and turn into his own little person.

Happy Birthday, Michael! 

We love you so much! You are a blessing to us!


  1. Happy birthday Michael! He is such a special boy, and I can tell he is the joy of your heart. I'm sure this coming year holds many great things to come for him. :) -lh


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