Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Saturday at the Zoo

We had a very busy weekend last weekend! It was really beautiful weather and it felt so good to be outside and doing fun things instead of being stuck inside at work all day. We met our friends at the zoo on Saturday and had a great time. 

I am renting an 85mm prime lens and I took it along to practice using it and have fun getting some different shots than I usually get. It is a really neat lens to shoot with! I would love to have one in my bag someday! 

(p.s., renting it from rentglass.com....bonus for midwesterners-it is located in Kansas City so it is really fast shipping, especially to DSM). 

We got there a little earlier than our friends so we spent some time playing on the playground. Michael loves the little playground outside the zoo! I like it because it is shaded, has lots of benches for parents and it is pretty well contained so it is not so easy for little kids to run away. I always tell myself that one time we are just going to come for the park and not actually go to the zoo! 

The zoo was super busy but the weather was so nice that we had a great time despite the crowds. It seemed like the Michael had the most fun with the non-zoo things like eating a Sponge Bob shaped ice cream cone, riding the train, drinking out of the drinking fountain and playing in the jeep in the tiger area. I guess it just goes to show you need to find adventure anywhere you go, right? Sometimes I like getting gas in my car because it means I can get a gas station coffee or fountain pop while I'm there. 

When the kids were playing the jeep, the tiger came up right next to the window and put his face right next to the kids. It was crazy and all the kids went, "ahhh!!". I couldn't really capture it but here is a blurry interpretation: 

It was funny to me because you never know what you are going to see! We have definitely never had two trips to the zoo that were exactly alike. 

Friends, thanks for meeting us! We had a great time!


  1. Great photos with the lens! I am definitely going to have to look into testing one out. :) This is the perfect time, too, with fall arriving. Guess that means there is a little guy's birthday coming up soon?!

  2. Cute outing! Were the giraffes still out!

  3. I love lenses with shallow depth of field-might have to look into renting one too! Love the pics!


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