Thursday, September 19, 2013

Around Here Lately

Michael got these squishy dinosaurs at friend's birthday party and they have been the toy of the week around here. He is just so cute when he is playing and I just wonder what is going on in that sweet little head of his. I just feel like he has grown right before my eyes and I wish we had those long days together like we did when I was working part time. 

Lately Michael has been an absolute stinker when I try and take photos of him. The other day he was trying to hide under the bedspread when I asked him to smile and so I was pulling it off him to try and snap a photo quick. He thought it was such a fun game that he was busting a gut the whole time. I love that stinker smile of his!

Happy Thursday! :o)

 One more day until the weekend!


  1. What a great smile! He is so cute!

  2. He is so handsome and such a happy boy.


  3. Too funny! Asher loves those squishy little animals, too, hence the birthday appearance. They also have lizards and snakes in same material sometimes in bags of 10 or so at HyVee or Dahls (either on an end cap or near the candy). Just FYI- they were a great stocking stuffer last year. The dinos we got online at oriental trading. you know, the king of all party crap, er, I mean, stuff!


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