Friday, September 20, 2013


Hi friends, I am back today with Instafriday! I missed last week so I am mostly sharing old photos since this week seemed to fly by and I had hardly anything in my feed to share. Happy Friday!

I got Michael's new bookshelf from our IKEA trip put together and got everything on it. I love it! I especially love how each little square keeps the books from falling over too much and it is easy to flip through. I have grand visions of organizing by subject but....we'll see if that ever happens. I am surprised at how full it is already and I might have to do some weeding out. I love books and I love reading to Michael as part of our special nighttime routine. He made me smile because I overheard him talking to Scott in his room and Michael said, "this is my new mom put it together all by herself!". I was very proud. :o) Although, Scott helped with the securing it to the wall part- that sucker is not going anywhere! 

We've had some nice evenings but I feel they are now on their way out. I love being outside on our patio in the is just perfect in a way I could have never imagined when we planned our home. 

Have you seen these walking sticks around lately? We've seen a ton of them and usually we don't. Michael always goes, "ah! It surprised me!" when he sees one. I love that he says "surprised" instead of scared! 

My school schedule of doom. If you notice, every minute of my day is filled with students (sometimes two, three, four at a time) coming in for lessons. Those holes? Now gone with more students who signed up for band. It is a good problem to have but I am doubting myself a little. I am hoping it will get easier as the year goes on. I keep reminding myself to count my blessings: in a beautiful building where I stay all day, every day; lots of students who want to be part of my program; keeping busy which makes the days fly by; meaningful work that I enjoy doing and feel like I make a difference in kids' lives.  I know I say this all the time but I  do feel very blessed that I can what I love all day long and get paid for it. 

I treated my poor teacher feet to a pedicure last Friday and it was wonderful. The last person I went to had talked me into getting shellac on my feet and this is how you have to get it off. Total alien toes, right? It was a such a treat that I am hoping to do this a little more often as a little bit of pampering (but my pedicure is a week old and still looks great).

Tailgating- Cyclone Pretzels (they were awesome- thanks, Kylie!)

Tailgate games....which I am terrible at! Now sometimes I see kids playing them in P.E. and I am telling those are the real skills kids need in life! Where was that when I was in school?? I also love the guys playing the game next to us which apparently involves sitting next to a cooler and throwing darts at a can. We couldn't really figure that one out. 

And finally...I am working on music listening with my students and this day we did listening maps where students described what they were hearing in the music. I asked what instrument they heard and one student very enthusiastically said, " I know, the DONG!!" lol...I thought it was so funny. I know he meant gong but still, I had to laugh even if I was the only one who got the joke. :o)

That's it for me! Have a great weekend!! 

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  1. I love reading your posts, they always make me smile!

  2. I love the square compartments to the bookshelf...I'm feeling that is so what I need. Many times I am trying to find stories to correlate with our homeschool curriculum and I can't find it (because the little likes to take ALL the books off the shelf) and then there are so many to sort through. The smaller sections to go through instead would be so awesome. Hopefully someday :)

  3. Love Michael's pointer finger - I see that it hasn't stopped yet :)


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