Monday, September 2, 2013

Cyclone Tailgating

On Saturday we kicked off the Cyclone football season with our tailgate crew. It was a HOT one, with temperatures in the upper 90s. We all survived with the help of plenty of water, shade and resting.  

You also might notice we are tailgating in a different spot this year. We got booted to the grass lots due to more people upping their donation levels and we were not one of them. :o( It is a little harder to get in and out of but once you are there it is really nice. We backed up to a golf course so it was not busy and easy to keep an eye on kids.

It was Nick's 30th birthday so we celebrated by getting him a big handle of his favorite beverage and also birthday brownies.  Welcome to the 30 club, Nick!

Me and my pouty face boy! 

Just in case you were curious, here is what it takes to get a tailgate all ready to go. First up is our SUV:

1. Bucket game 
2. Kids games- balls, golf clubs, baseball set
3. Tailgating tent 
4. Bags game
5. Tailgating Chairs
6. Tailgate table
7. Cables and stuff for TV 

Tailgating bag:

1. Plastic cups (just in case for mixed drinks)
2. plastic utentsils
3. Cheese its (for the kids)
4. plastic plates
5. hot dog buns
6.Michael's hat and sunglasses
7. Table cloth 
8. Napkins 

I also took along an insulated bag for my cold foods since I didn't want them to get squished in the beverage cooler. I put the broccoli salad, watermelon and brownies in there along with some cool packs. 

In the cooler:
 Beers, lot of cold waters (some frozen which were awesome), Gatorade for the kids and some sparkling waters. 

Michael and I headed home after tailgating to cool down and watch the game on TV. Actually when we got home we popped in "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" and I followed the game coverage on Twitter. It wasn't looking good and we ended up losing to an instate rival. I feel like I have only missed a handful of home games in the past 10 years- a few when Michael was born, when we lost Trace but this year I just didn't get a ticket at all. Our babysitter situation didn't line up well with my mom and I hate having our younger neighbor girl sitter be at our house for 12 hours until midnight- it just seems like a long time. Michael is still at an age where I don't think he'd do well at games even though it seems like lots of people take their preschoolers. So...maybe we will give it a try later but for this game it seemed to work out alright.  (and he hit the hay as soon as we pulled out of the parking lot--a tired boy!)
It was kind of a bummer we lost but we are still looking forward to a great season! Let's go Cyclones!

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  1. thank you for including a tailgate tutorial -- it normalizes how much we pack when we attend games! it was so hot on saturday, but it looks like you were well-equipped with cool drinks : ) go cyclones!!


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