Thursday, June 27, 2013

Pikes Peak State Park

We were in Northeast Iowa this past weekend visiting my grandparents. We decided to camp at Pike's Peak State Park so we could enjoy the beautiful views. The camping experience was....not great...but I will expand on that in another post. 

We did get a chance to "hike" on Saturday afternoon. It was hot and very humid due to the unsettled weather between thunderstorms. We did about a mile and a half, hiking from our campsite to the big waterfall. There had been lots of rain so the falls and streams were beautiful. The whole park was so gorgeous that these photos barely do it any justice. It had been years since I was up there and I hope I can get back again next year or even in the fall!

The "trail" is very easy- it is all wooden planks. It is a good hike for rookies like us- notice Scott is even wearing flip flops?? Michael had a blast running up the "stairs in the forest" and would have gone even further if we had let him. 

It was very hazy from the humidity but the views were still breathtaking. This has to be hands down, one of the most beautiful places in Iowa. I hope we can make it back again soon!

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  1. Beautiful photos of family and nature. I forgot about this park ... thank you for the idea!


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