Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Johnston Green Days + VanDees Ice Cream

We are checking things off left and right over here on our summer fun list. Up this past weekend were Johnston Green Days Parade and Carnival and Van Dees ice cream. The parade was a little bit of a miss this year as it poured halfway through it. I feel like we didn't see nearly as many entries as we had last year when it was beautiful. None the less, Michael took home a huge bag of candy and we spent a fairly nice morning out and about. One trick I learned from a friend while waiting for a parade: sidewalk chalk! So amazing!
After the parade Michael and I met Scott at the carnival- otherwise known as the fastest way ever to spend $20. We only rode a handful of rides with our very expensive tickets but Michael still had a blast. He was the most disappointed he wasn't big enough to ride their bumper cars even though he rode some last summer at Adventureland. He was totally bummed and hopefully he can ride them at the amusement park when we go later this summer. We did all ride the tilt-o-whirl together as a family and was a wild ride! Scott and I are getting a little bit too old for those types of shenanigans!
After the carnival, we hit up the local ice cream shop for a special ice cream treat. Michael was so tickled by the eyes and sprinkles on his cone- something I knew he'd love. This was his first trip to Van Dees! Scott and I used to frequent it often when we lived just a few blocks away when we were young and just engaged. Now those days seem like another lifetime ago! I'm glad we can make this one of our new summer traditions.
We had a great weekend and a great time at the parade and festivities. Are you hitting up any parades this summer? Do you love them or hate them? My favorite part is always the marching band and I give those directors major props for getting all their kids out there in the summer! It is hard work!


  1. After hearing so much from other friends how much fun the Johnston parade is, I'm sad that we skipped it to go to the Downtown Farmers Market instead. Next year!

  2. Love your sidewalk chalk idea-- I will absoluately use that! We will be going to a 4th of July parade in Colorado and I'm sure we'll have to do our local Riverboat Day's parade as well, and that will be just the ticket to keep him busy until the fun starts. :) Looks like you are having a really good summer so far-- glad you are getting to do lots of things that make you smile! -LH


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