Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Father's Day + High Trestle Trail

On Father's Day we loaded up our bikes and headed up to the High Trestle Trail in Madrid for a little bike ride. It was an absolutely gorgeous day and I feel like I shouted it no less than seven times on the ride- "wow, this is a beautiful day!!". Nice days deserve to be recognized, right?

It was fun to spend the day together doing something fun all together as a family. The ride was pretty short, only about 12 miles with a watermelon stop in the middle and a beer stop at the end. I think it has been a year since my last bike ride (coincidentally, last father's day) so hopefully we can fit a few more family rides in this summer. It was the perfect day!


 The Des Moines river is up very high and we had fun waving at the brave boaters who ventured up this far from Saylorville lake!

Happy Father's Day, Scott!!

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