Friday, June 7, 2013


Happy Friday!!

Today is my first real day of summer break! I am done with both of my schools! Hooray! 

I will still technically be teaching in the summer as I have 25 students signed up for my summer lesson program, but that is something I am really looking forward to. It should be a great experience for everyone involved. 

I found these while cleaning out my desk at United. Baby Michael! He was just 3 months old and so sweet. I remember thinking he was so big at the time. 

Michael recently discovered a bag of cotton balls that he has gotten lots of play out of. I'm not sure why they are so fun but he loves them. I think he likes to play with things he has multiples of- a huge pile of cars, a big thing of sticky frogs, four jars of playdoh. Safety in numbers, maybe? It is so cute to watch him use his imagination and hear him playing and telling stories. 

After a week of waking up the craziest hair after naptime, we finally got in for a hair cut. He has hair like mine that is thick and wavy and doesn't like to lay straight. The stylist said if it was longer it would probably be curly but I think it would just be crazy and messy like mine! I love him with short hair and I will never get tired of how cute he looks in the barber chair. 

I got a new iphone case for summer. I had a very minimalistic one on during the school year but mostly my phone was always in my pocket or on my desk. Now that I am outside working and out and about with Michael I figured I better step it up to an Otter box. I am usually constantly worried about dropping my phone so this gives me some peace of mind. 

And finally, things are doing well outside. I should take you on a full blown spring garden tour sometime! My lupine are blooming and are a bright spot of color this time of the year when not much else has popped yet. We got our little garden planted and can't wait to reap the rewards! I tried to mulch really well this year and hopes that helps with the moisture retention. We had barely any tomatoes last year but I am thinking that probably had something to do with the drought. :o( 

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