Friday, June 21, 2013


Happy Friday!

Isn't the above photo just the most beautiful scene ever? A lovely Saturday morning with a short line at my favorite place? Usually the line wraps around the building on Saturday mornings and this day there was just a short one. Even Michael said, "look!!! There's no line!!!". The kid gets it. He just gets it.

Insta-family portrait on the tilt o whirl. 

Saturday night we went to a party/fundraiser for the Des Moines Social Club. We don't really have any ties to the club but one of Scott's hockey buddy's neighbor's was hosting the party so we got invited also. Louie's Wine Dive catered and it was awesome. They also had four keg beers from a local brewery. Can you believe that whole pig they roasted? It was really good. They had a beautiful property, complete with the best treehouse/playground I've ever seen. Michael had a blast running around and we could still keep tabs on him and enjoy the food, fire, and music from the local band The Snacks. Have you heard of them? They were pretty good. Low budget with drums and a keyboard...just my style! :o) 

These are awesome and usually about $1. A great snack!

My Monday band lessons are going great and I thought I should take a photo of my beautiful space to show you. When a student is a no show, I just want to lay down and take a little nap! No worries, I haven't done that, but I do enjoy curling up on my lunch break and catching up in my book. It has been a great facility to work with and it is going so well. 

We went strawberry picking! I will do a whole post on this later. They were delicious. 

"Play at the West Glen Fountains" is a check on our summer list and we had an opportunity to check it off yesterday. I wanted to run to the mall to get some new flip flips and told Michael we could play at the play place. Unfortunately, there was a naughty boy there who kept trying to wrestle and hit Michael so we took a break and left for a snack to see if he would leave. We came back, and he was still there. So we decided to do plan B and head to the fountains which were lots of fun. Michael had a blast! We will definitely be revisiting this again on another hot day!


  1. I say nap away -- that's beautiful space! You have hit some great spots so far this summer. We were just at these fountains -- too bad we didn't see you. I also enjoy The Snacks, and I hear they are not as pricey to hire for parties : )

  2. I've been wanting to pick strawberries! Where did you go?


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