Monday, January 23, 2012

Things that are making me happy today

1. My photos:

2. Balloons and cookies:

You know you are having a trying day when you have to text your husband "bring home cookies". And then it's awesome when he delivers. With sprinkles. And a balloon.

3. The concentration of a little boy hard at work:

4. Watching my boys play outside.

And that is all. We are home sick today and staying inside because of the weather!


  1. Wonderful things! The capture of Michael and Scott on the ice makes me smile (especially if you were warm inside!). I hope you all feel better, too, although a cozy day at home can be the best medicine : )

  2. You have a great husband Rose-- I love that he delivered not only cookies, but also a balloon. :) He loves you and wanted to see you smile, that is what a good husband is supposed to do! I love the picture of those two out on the ice, hope you are all feeling better soon.


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