Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ordinary Days and Working Again

It seems to me now that January is here we've really fallen into a pattern of our ordinary days. Ordinary days where we just stay inside, make blanket nests, and eat bananas.

....and eat more bananas. We go through lots of them.

This week was my second being back at work and its been going fine. It is familiar to me and I missed seeing all my students and colleagues. The biggest change is finding all the energy to be motivating and exciting for my students. I've also been missing my downtime during my leave when Michael had childcare two days a week. I'm so thankful I had the time to just be reflective and do nothing however...I think it is time to start getting in a better routine around here.

This week also marked three months since we've lost Trace. I hate even typing seems like so much longer in my mind. The concept of time is really doing a doozy on my spirit these days. The thought of a new year ahead of me to get through seems like too much. 12 whole months, 52 long weeks, 365 new mornings...its a lot. I'm not really sure how to deal with it other than just trying to find positive things in today, in this hour, and in this moment.

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  1. Isaac and Michael would be such good friends! They have the same jammies and love of bananas! Still praying for you friend.


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