Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Missing my baby today

I'm missing my baby today.
Today would have been Trace's 8th month birthday.
Can you even believe it? I know I can't.
I wish he was here.

(Trace's last day with us)

(3 months old)

We love you, Trace.


  1. My heart goes out to you. I never know what to say but know that many of us whom have followed your journey wish you and your family only the best. Cry when you need to and be strong when you can.

  2. Beautiful pictures. Just gorgeous.

  3. He's such a beautiful little guy. His lips and his smile in that last photo are precious.

    Hoping today got a little easier for you. xox

  4. Sorry Rose! I wish he were there too :-(

  5. It is hard to go about your life with part of your heart elsewhere. For your family, and for my family, I hope that in this new year we can find joy again, as we heal. Please know that you are being prayed for and thought of

  6. I have something here for Michael - and probably more for you. I've been meaning to drop it off at S's office - we don't get to town that often. And even as I type that, it feels like I live in 1850's remote country town. Anyway - I'll drop it off at the SF office next time we're in town!


  7. I'm so sorry. I always read your blog, but never have the words to comment. Trace is the most perfect little guy! The photo of your two boys together is priceless. I think of you, and pray for you often. I hope that the Lord carries you through this painful, difficult, horrible time that no parent should ever have to go through. Thank you got sharing your story. I'm sure it has touched more lives than you know.

  8. I found your blog last night and cried myself to sleep. Trace swam through my dreams and I will hold his memory in my heart.


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