Saturday, January 14, 2012

Playtime is serious business

Michael has been taking playtime very seriously around here. I found him two little Lightning McQueen cars (keen-cars, he calls them) and his favorite thing to do is trying to fit them into other vehicles. His favorite mode of transportation for his cars is the little people airplane (because McQueen rides in an airplane in Cars 2) and our Mack truck car transporter (because McQueen also does that in the movie) but he obviously isn't opposed to them riding on the pirate ship also. He hasn't watched the movie a lot of times but we have some Cars books that we read from time to time and he likes to examine the pictures and then replicate the scene in his own playing. I think it is really silly and I am always wondering what is going on in that little mind of his.

He holds the little car in his hand 24 hours a day. Yes, even when he is sleeping.

We've also been having some confusion because he loves his McQueen car (keen-car) and also he loves The Lion King (which he calls keen-a-movie (but movie is like moo-ee)). ?? His language takes a little creative interpretation but he's gotten to the point where if I say something that is not what he means he can say no and then try and say it again more clearly. Really, it's a wonder we even get along as well as we do (kidding).

Also, our new Lion King movie has sing-a-long mode....score. When I was in 6th grade I had the whole soundtrack to the movie memorized and I still do. LOVE IT!!

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