Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A little sunshine

I have been loving these sunny days lately. It is causing my spirit to think it's March or April when really....there is is still a lot of winter left to be had. I'm not alone in this, right? January is depressing but the sunshine is helping to make it a little better.

Sunlight blazes through our front door every late afternoon and you have to shield your eyes when you walk past. I love it...if only I could curl up on the rug and soak it in for hours just like my silly cat. That would be the life.

I'm linking up today at sweet shot tuesday over at m3b....come join the fun!


  1. I miss the sunshine! I want to take my kids out to play and go to the park and take walks without freezing my butt off lol

  2. Beautiful photos, it seemed like Spring to me the other day too.

    I read your story and I just have no words..so so terribly sorry for your loss, just isn't fair. I have a 4 month old and I honestly cannot begin to imagine your pain. Many thoughts and prayers for you and your family <3

  3. Hi Rose!
    What great pictures of Michael, he is so cute! I am sorry I didn't get what we are going to send him in the mail yet-- I couldn't find it for a while and I thought I had misplaced it, but last night I found it stashed in Maddox's room under his dresser. :) I reclaimed it and plan on getting it in the mail soon!


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