Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend Fun

It is hard to believe today is Monday and the weekend has come and gone. We celebrated another Cyclone victory Friday night during our game-watch party. Enjoying the game from the comforts of home was much appreciated, especially since it was kind of a wet and dreary weekend outside. Saturday morning was spent at home with the boys while Scott worked and later that afternoon we headed up to Ames for a wedding. The ceremony was nice and Scott had fun catching up with some of his fraternity brothers- they even headed over to their old house for a bit. I waited in the car with Trace because man....I just feel so old these days when I am around college kids.

Yesterday was another rainy day so we were stuck inside yet again. Michael had lots of fun racing his cars on his little matchbox track and Trace started to sit up on his own! They are getting entirely too big and it is so sad to me. I snuck out of the house for a bit while they were napping and did a little shopping at a few local consignment shops. I usually go during the week and yesterday they were packed- probably because everyone else was panicking just like me with this cold weather and trying to get their kids' wardrobes in order. I got a ton of adorable things for the boys and most of it was exactly what I was looking for- little fleece pants and jackets for Trace, onesies for Trace, jeans, and sweatshirts for Michael. I even found a pair of super cute converse shoes for Michael that I was just contemplating buying at Target when I saw them last week. We just need some new undershirts and socks for the boys to round out their basics and then I think we will be set. Managing kids' clothing is one of those things I never expected would be so hard as a parent. It is especially time consuming because I have to go back through all of Michael's old clothes that I kept and figure out what will work for Trace and fill in the holes. Lots of Michael's super cute winter sleepers and things just fit Trace perfectly now and I think he is the middle of a growth spurt so I'm not holding out hope they will fit much longer!

Sorry for the novel.... wowzers. Happy Monday!

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