Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Trace: Four Months

Just now, I was selecting photos for this post and I had a strange deja vu moment where I swore I already did a four month post. Then I forgot what day Trace was actually born on. Then I remembered that I was thinking about his three month post...wasn't it just yesterday I was writing that one?

Gosh, I am losing it. Time is flying. This little guy is growing fast. He desperately wants to be big like his brother so he can play and run and jump!

His eyes are always on Michael, following his every move. Michael and I have this game we like to play which involves running laps around the house and yelling, "Hi Trace!!" at Trace when we pass him. It's great fun (really) and Trace loves it. He yells and giggles right along with us and thinks he is big stuff being part of the action.

Mr. Big Stuff also recently started doing this:


I know, right? He is not big enough to be almost sitting up by himself!

He also loves playing with his little toys and has started to reach and grab them. He looks so intently at the little toys with faces- it is really cute to see him hanging out with his pals.

He's getting stronger with his tummy time and is in this position for lots of the day. Sometimes his little legs will even scoot him around like he is trying to squirm away from me. Rolling is not happening very regularly yet- he has gotten stuck a few times in a half roll over position but I'm sure we'll get there in due time.

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"Mom, are you kidding me?"

All in all, Trace continues to amaze us every day. He is great sleeper, eater and snuggler. He also recently started riding in the car better, for which our ears and blood pressure thank him.

I am so thankful for both of my beautiful babies to hug and hold. I was working on Michael's 2nd year photo book this week and it just amazed me how I can barely remember what days were like before Trace was here- it seems like another life ago. We are so happy you are part of our family, Trace! We love you!

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  1. I seriously laughed out loud reading about the running around the house part and yelling "Hi Trace". Cute!


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