Friday, September 16, 2011


Okay....why is it so difficult to take a photo of my two boys together? It is so stinkin' hard!

My aunt had given me these cute little coordinating outfits and I needed to get a photo of them before Trace outgrew his. I had to bribe Michael with the camera remote to even sit beside his brother; actually sitting still was another story.

Don't be fooled: I'm pretty sure this is not an actual hug, but Michael trying to smash his brother.

This is pretty much the best I got wow, huh? At the least it is a very accurate portrayal of life these days!

Just for the record, Trace's hair is not orange. There was a weird color cast thing going on that I couldn't get rid of with my sub-par photoshop skillz. Also, Michael was the recipient of a new haircut yesterday so no more shaggy hair for him!

Happy Friday, all! :o)

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