Friday, February 26, 2010

So good, I have to share!

This morning I hosted a little mom get together. It was sooo fun. I have been feeling really down in the dumps lately and I just decided to do something about it. A really nice gal stopped in to Scott's office for an insurance quote a couple weeks ago and he thought we would really get a long well so I invited her over along with one of my neighbors. He was right-it was really fun! She lives just up the road from us. It was nice to get together for some mom and baby time and discuss all of the pressing topics in our lives such as baby sleeping, eating, breastfeeding, grocery shopping, husbands, etc!

At any rate, I made this awesome coffee cake and I have to share the recipe with you. Have you ever had coffee cake from Starbucks? This takes just like it. So, so so good.

It is a Barefoot Contessa recipe, and you can find it at

I actually made this recipe two times, the first time I forgot to include one of the major ingredients. I ended up with a brick of a, it was terrible. So I was relieved when it turned out fantastic the second time!

I also made some coffee, but it was not as good as I hoped. I think I have lost my coffee making skills ever since I got my new coffee maker. :o(

Now I am off to the store to get everything ready for Michael's big baptism weekend! Stay tuned for the recap!

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  1. Your coffee cakes looks fantastic! I think I'm going to try and make it in 2 weeks when I have treats for Sunday school!


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