Friday, February 19, 2010


Have you seen these new Starbucks coffee cups? It's like, "" when you are drinking out of them!

Michael got some new toys from a seller on craigslist. We got three lights and sounds toys for about $30, which is what only one usually retails for. I seriously had no idea how expensive toys were!!! I am all for the cheapest option possible...speaking of which, have you heard about the netflix-type program for toys?

It is called BabyPlays and you sign up for about $35 a month and can get toys through the mail. You send them back when you are done with them and they send you more from you list. Pretty cool, huh? They have some neat things-even montessori toys!! I might have to consider something like that in the future...even though $35 a month is a little much for my toy budget, it is probably a good investment in my sanity fund. :o)

Did I mention I got an autostitch app for my iphone? Here is a photo I took while waiting for Scott at the dentist...pretty cool! (click to enlarge)

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  1. I know- kids toys are so freaking expensive! I hope I can garage sale my way to toys for my kiddos someday.

    Cool autostich- you really have gotten into that.


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