Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Little Glo-worm

Our little sleeping routine is getting better and better around here. Every day is still different of course, but for the past two days Michael has gone down for a nap with just his swaddle and his pacifier. Sometimes I turn on his aquarium for him to drift off to, but sometimes he does just fine without it.

I just thought he looked so cute last night that I had to take a picture!


My secret wish came true and Michael and I are home today because of snow. It is really cold out and the wind is blowing the snow around. It has been a nice and relaxing day! I must be really bored because I've done three things I never do:
1. exercise (video on netflix streaming) 2. reading (a non sleep book!) and 3. extra cleaning

I know, what is wrong with me?


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