Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Target Markdown Schedule

Over Christmas, I scored a ton of great stuff at Target at marked down prices. Luckily, I was off on break so I had hours of free time each day to visit the 3 targets in a 20 mile radius Linkof my house. But, I found this handy schedule on that lists the Target markdown schedule.

Year-round: (note: this may vary from store to store, but this is the general rule)

Monday -- Infants department, Kids clothing and Electronics (maybe food also)

Tuesday -- Women's clothing, Domestics

Wednesday -- Men's clothing, Garden, Toys, Health and Beauty

Thursday -- Lingerie, Shoes, Housewares, Sporting Goods, Luggage

Friday -- Cosmetics, Hardware, Auto, Home Improvement and Jewelry


All holidays except Christmas follow the 3-3-2 rule:

The first 3 days after the holiday are 50% off.
The next 3 days are 75% off.
The next 2 days are 90%.
After that it goes to salvage.

Valentines 3-3-2

Easter 3-3-2

4th of July 3-3-2 (since it's always on July 4, the schedule stays the same)
July 5 = 50% off
July 8 = 75% off
July 10 = 90% off

Halloween(since it's always on Oct. 31, the schedule stays the same)

Nov 1st = 50% off
Nov 4th = 75% off
Nov 7th = 90% off

Thanksgiving 3-3-2

Which reminds me...I need to get to Target to see if they have any Valentine's stuff left!

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