Sunday, February 15, 2009

25 things

PSA: this is a repost from facebook!

1. I've wanted to be a band director ever since I was in high school. I realized that with time and commitment, you can achieve success...and this was a good lesson to learn early on in my high school days!

2. However, I first wanted to teach 5-12 band! Eek! I do however still have fleeting thoughts of doing it, since some of my students are awesome and I hate to give them away to the next teacher! :o(

3. I was a cheerleader in high school.

4. I was also in a bowling league in high school.

5. My freshman college room mate introduced me to some fine things in life-such as the music of The Doors. And I just recently watched the movie about the Doors and! Weird.

6. When I first met Scott, I was initially attracted to him because he was so tall! :o)

7. Although when I first initially met Scott,he kept playing while people were number one pet peeve!! It's even posted in my band room-no playing while I am talking!!!

8. I am very bad at remembering song lyrics.

9. Two of my favorite movies are Dances with Wolves and Robin Hood Prince of Thieves...and yes, I think Kevin Costner is cool.

10. One of my favorite workout songs is "Since You've Been Gone" by Kelly Clarkson

11. I also enjoy listening to classical music/orchestral music scores while working out.

12. Sometimes my students act just like me or do something exactly like I would and it is a little freaky but cool at the same time

13. I enjoy traveling, but I hate flying.

14. I would love to do a cross country road trip- I love riding in the car (especially when I'm not driving!).

15. My main instrument is flute but I played trumpet in the marching band in college. If asked, my students would say I play the bagpipes.

16. Every time I go on a trip, I have to have an itinerary of things I want to do.

17. I am an NPR addict.

18. My favorite website is and it makes me want to move to Montana with my rancher husband, homeschool my 4 kids, and still be fabulous.

19. My favorite store is Target. Sometimes for fun I just wander around for a long time. In second place is browsing

20. I love cats, especially baby kitties!

21. I love gardening, because every day something is different and new. I can't wait until spring! (although I've been keeping my new collection of indoor plants alive until then!)

22. When I read a book, I can't put it down until I finish it. My parents used to have to force me to stop reading at night so I would go to sleep.

23. My favorite TV show is Big Love...and yes, it is about a polygamist Mormon Family.

24. I hate driving fast and I never pass anyone on hwy 17 for fear of getting in a head on collision. So, often times I am late for school because I've been going about 45 mph behind a old farmer in his truck. But then, sometimes I will be driving under the speed limit when there is no one in front of me either.

25. When I first started school at ISU I thought the marching band was so weird because everyone knew each other and they were all friends with each other. I swore I was only going to do it for one year....but then I turned into one of those weirdos who knew everyone and was friends with everyone in band, too! :o) And now I have lots of nice memories (and friends!) from the experience!

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  1. Drumline and Marching Band have a way of sucking you in. (I did Winter Drumline in high school for four years . . . I had no intention in doing it at all!)


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