Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Basement Update

It's been a while since I've posted about our basement, so here it is!

Are you ready to descend the stairs of terror??

Here is the room looking from the stairs down the room

FYI, that paper on the floor was originally red. Now? White.
So messy!

Here is a close up of the far end (looking towards the other end)

Here is the family room:

And the Media Room

Yes, we do have a hook up for our Wii sensor. The components will be in the back of the room and run through the walls so we don't have a bunch of junk up front.

Also today Scott got all the trim moved from the garage to the basement. Thus begins the varnishing!

How beautiful is this piece of maple?

Our doors were luckily already downstairs. They are HEAVY!
They are the same as upstairs. Good thing, because I love them.

Speaking of trim...

Any ideas of what to do with our huge pile of scraps. Crafty girls? Where are ya?

Before you go, here is a shot of my favorite room in the basement.

I love the tree windows and the ledge that goes all the way around. Which now is occupied by lots of crap. Seriously, people!

And haunt your dreams...the storage room of doom!!!

Pretty scary, huh?

Hopefully it doesn't haunt your dreams like it does mine.


  1. Are you guys doing all the work yourselves? I bet it will look fabulous when it's finished! I'm so jealous of basements... we don't have them in Texas. {sigh}

  2. We are about to finish our basement! Thats exciting!!!!

  3. @ tara-we are doing some of the work ourselves and we can't wait until it is done! I think it so weird when houses don't have basements!

    @ LadyBrady- how exciting! :o) All I have to say is...good luck! :o)

  4. Looks busy at your house!

    You can make picture frames and art frames and mirror frames out of the scrap trim. (So I have heard- I have never actually done this.)

  5. still have scraps?? Any not stained? I need some to finish up some trim in the master around out builtins..i'd buy it off ya :-)


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