Saturday, October 29, 2016

Pumpkin picking!

I figure I better get these up before the month of October has left us! It has been so beautiful here this month and we enjoyed lots of lovely days. 

We visited our favorite pumpkin patch right up the road from us to pick out our pumpkins. This is such a fast and easy trip but I love how it has become our little family tradition. We held off on doing the big pumpkin patch with all the bells and whistles this year...maybe next year we'll attempt it. 

They had a whole patch of big white ones that were the same price as the regular ones since they were pick your own. We scored on this one! It was heavy!

The girls had fun and loved pointing at all the "punkins!!!" and trying to sit on them. They love pumpkins for some reason and are quick to shout out when they see one as a decoration somewhere or on someone's front porch. It is cute. 

Our kitty cat outfits were the closest thing we had for halloween theme wear to go pumpkin picking (note to self for next year!). I've seen other people photos from pumpkin patches and they look cute with pumpkin or fall shirts. 

"Punkin, Punkin!" The girls got to pick out one little pumpkin to take home which they enjoyed throwing like a ball and then I had to throw away. mom fail but we picked our pumpkins so early in the month that some of our good ones we picked for carving had gotten eaten by squirrels or bunnies on our porch. Luckily for me, Walmart had a really nice selection of beautiful, perfectly round pumpkins that were marked down to only $3- even for a big one! I squeezed in an early morning trip before school and luck would have it the only other person I ran into that early was the other teacher at the middle school who has young twin daughters. It must a thing...I guess my secret is out! :o) 

We did end up carving three of them and it was fun for Michael and I. We got a new scooper and I was surprised at how quick of a job it made it. I did a fancy pattern for Michaels and then just used a knife and did free hand on my two which was actually kind of fun and refreshing in a free type of way. My shapes are a little abstract but I'll go with it. Michael was even a good gut scooper this year! 

The girls celebrated a fall party at their daycare and it was really fun! They had a little dinner and then every classroom had games for the kids to win prizes at. The games were easy and fun even for the girls! Michael had fun too and it was a really nice night.  

I'd been watching Trace's tree and it was finally all turned and we ran out there quick after school for a photo. It was so beautiful, all lit up in the late afternoon sun. It is such a lovely reminder of little boy, I love the way that it stands tall and proud and strong. 

That's what we've been up to! 

Thanks for stopping by!

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