Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Michael is 7!

Michael turned 7 on October 6th! 

7 seems like such a big number. No longer a little boy, but a real legit big boy. 

We are forever thankful to Michael for making us parents. Getting ready for his arrival was so exciting. I literally had no idea what to expect, except that it would be awesome. We have learned so much from him, and he keeps teaching us more every day. 

The day Michael was born seemed like yesterday. It was so exciting to go to the hospital late at night, knowing he would be born soon. Or later, in our case as he was stubborn and did not want to come out. The whole birth experience was like the opposite of what I expected and imagined- why didn't anyone tell me what it would be like? I remember in our birthing class the instructor asked us what the most painful thing we had experienced was and all I could think of was pilates/ab workouts. I don't think there is really any way to totally prepare someone for the birth of a child because it is just something totally different and radical and emotional for everyone. 
I know that when Michael was finally born and I got to hold him for the first time I remember looking at him and thinking, "it's you." Of course it was him. It was him all along. I still think that as I look at him and spend time with him every day- it's him. He is my heart. He is me and I am him and I think he is pretty special. 
Michael has always felt the need for speed! 

We always like to tease Michael about how much he cried when he was a baby and how he would never sleep unless someone was holding him. He still has these traits of course, and most nights I have to set my alarm to get back out of bed with him after we've dozed off reading Harry Potter. 
I can't wait until I am big enough to have ALL the lego sets!

I do miss the long days of just Michael and me at home together (and Scampy). We had so much fun going on our walks together, doing housework in the moby wrap, and catching up on tv together. It was definitely a different time in my life where I loved the slower pace of life and only working two days a week. It is different now of course, but that is okay and I'm glad we had those special days together. 

Fueling my love for Jester Park at fall time- so many wonderful long walks! 

I had to include this one because it was Michael's two week check up and I probably look better than I have for the past seven years. My hair was done- what? Make up on- what? I actually look better rested than I do now. Life, you are so cruel. :o) 

Well it is no secret that we love our Michael and we think he has a very bright future ahead of him. I just wish that darn time would slow down and he would stop growing so big! His poor pants barely have a chance as he keeps getting taller and taller. We love his spirit and we are so glad he is our son. 

Happy birthday, Michael! 

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