Sunday, November 6, 2016


Happy Halloween!

We had an awesome Halloween season around here and I think the kids had a lot of fun. We did our annual night eyes at the zoo outing as well as the girls fall party, trick or treating in our neighborhood and Michael's school party. It was good but a lot and now I'm ready to look forward to a nice November. 

Before I get to this year's costume is a trip down memory lane: 


Michael, 1 month old for his first Halloween! 

At one year old, one of my favorite costumes ever! 

2011 10 23_2494_edited-1
At two years old, right after we lost Trace. I had bought Trace a matching lion costume and it was all so sad. I was over Halloween but one day when my mom was here we put Michael's costume on just to see how cute he looked. We later went to night eyes that year also. 

2012 10 29_7898_edited-1

Age 3-Woody! 
2013 10 31_3087
Age 4-Spiderman! 

Girls first Halloween at two months old- pink foxes and pumpkin  heads! 

Michael age 5- Captain America (another one of my favorites!) 

Girls age 1 -black kitty cats! 

Michael age 6- T Rex from Jurassic World. 

And this year....


Minnie Mouse! 

Mom had gotten these little outfits for the girls when we were at Disney last spring and I was so glad they still fit. They were perfect and the girls loved wearing their mouse ears. They wore a black tshirt and leggings underneath and it was perfect for the cooler but still nice weather. 

Michael was the white pumpkin head from Minecraft story mode. He was 100% committed to it and at least I can give him credit for knowing what he wants. It involved a lot of talking with him, looking at pictures on google, but we finally got it figured out and I think he was happy with it. I carved the head from a "funkin" and it was pretty fun and now we have a fun keepsake we can bring out every Halloween!   

I really wanted the girls to give each other a kiss! You can see that Brynn was not totally on board with that idea. 

I also got in on the fun with my Minnie outfit (thanks for letting me borrow the ears, mom!) that I wore to school on Monday. I was even twinning with a student! 

I hope you had a great Halloween also! 

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