Sunday, October 2, 2016

End of August/September

We have been trying to get back into the swing of things this fall which is obvious by the lack of my updating my blog. This fall has been unlike anything I have ever experienced in terms of our family just feels like we run out of hours in the day and other things get pushed to the back burner. And that's okay- my new philosophy is let go and its okay sometimes to let go, life will go on and no one will be any worse for the wear because of it. Here is a look at some highlights from the end of August-September. 

We took the boat out to celebrate the last day of my summer before heading back to school meetings. 

Michael and I also hit up Clive Aquatic center for one last swim day while the girls started their new day care before I went to meetings. It was a really fun day! 

Silly girl!

The girls started daycare a few days before I went back to meetings just to make a a full week. Michael went to his school daycare for a few days and then my parents took him to camp at the Iowa Sate Fair for a few days and then home for a week while I had classes before Michael started. It worked out really well and I'm thankful for my parents help! 

This has become a norm for us these days- I am logging significantly more time in the car as I have to go about 30 miles roundtrip more than usual. I am learning though...packing a snack and cranking the disney tunes can usually cure any cranky moods (mom's included!). It was a bit of adjustment the first few weeks but now I don't mind it at all. I stop at home first to switch cars and if I am running ahead of schedule I can take a few minutes to pop dinner in the oven or pick up a bit. It helps! 

We've also made a little afternoon tradition of walking to the mailbox and maybe a little bit further if I can convince Michael. It is a good way for me to get outside just for a bit and hopefully stave off the afternoon crankies from the girls (and Michael). 

Ah, the one day of the year that my band room is clean! 

Brining it for teaching year 12- what? Can you even believe it? Some things have gotten easier, some things harder and you better believe I am still learning things every day. There is always an opportunity for personal development as a teacher! 

I've been trying to keep up my commitment of early morning workouts and I have been rewarded with some fantastic sunrises in the morning. We are blessed! 

Happy Friday hats!

1st day of first grade! (he is loving it!)

I battled through an epic cold the very first week of school. I lost my voice and everything but still made it to school every day. Time is just too precious and I can't afford to miss a day. I'm feeling much better now and I'm glad that is out of the way...hopefully I can remain healthy the rest of the school year.

Celebrating a friend's 40th birthday at school with coffee treats!

Girls two year stats!

Ah Saturday morning...a time for a bit of rest. 

ISU football season is in full swing and I am thankful for our group of friends that gets together for tailgating and games. We are loving the generosity of our friends who live across from the stadium to let us tailgate with them in their yard. It is cushy! :o) I've made it to two games this season already, I'm pretty sure that like quadruples my record for the past two seasons. I'm also bad at math. 

Michael had a birthday party with some daycare friends. It was a blast! The girls wore their pjs because it was pj day at school and we went there right after pick up. 

I got to spend an awesome day with my 8th grade homeroom students a retreat outside of Boone. I was literally dreading the day, thinking of all the things that could go wrong. But it turned out to be the best day ever- smiles on kids and teachers faces all day long. It was like I literally couldn't stop smiling. This is a great class and they are so fun to be around. Plus they had coffee!

More after school mailbox fun!

Tourist day!

We took a quick family jaunt to the park on a beautiful night and it was fun to take the girls on a little hike. Jester is so beautiful this time of year!

I did a joint performance with my kids and the high school band for a Friday night football game. It was a ton of work and crazy and it poured rain, but it was also fun and I'm glad we did it. 

I think it got a lot of students excited for high school band and I'm hoping it sets a good tone for the rest of year. Also- have you ever wondered what 44 pizzas look like? Do you want to guess what 44 pizzas cost? oy! 

I fit into some old pants! yay! 

My usual after school mood. 

This seems like my life on a never ending cycle. Buy diapers. Buy milk. Buy diapers. Buy milk. 

We went to a really fun event at Jester Park to fundraise for the new nature center they are building there. I had extremely low expectations but since mom was here to watch the girls we gave it a go and it was a really nice night. Michael and I had fun on a night hike and it was fun to watch the bonfire and band. There was a huge crowd and now I'm sad that the secret is out on my favorite park! 

I think that does it for us for the month! I kept telling myself during those first couple of crazy weeks that eventually we'll find our groove and slowly but surely we are finding it. It is such a switch to go from summer right back into a busy school year that I think you need that transition time. We are looking forward to a fun October filled with Michael's birthday, Scott's birthday, fall fun and Halloween! Hopefully I will be back sooner rather than later with more updates! Thanks for visiting!

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