Saturday, October 15, 2016

7th Birthday Party!

I had conferences on Michael's actual birthday so we celebrated with a special breakfast before school. It was a bit of a rush, getting everyone ready to go so we could have pancakes together but it was fun and totally worth it. I think it set the tone for the day and helped make Michael feel special. 

I made him a special Mickey pancake and tried to make him a 7 pancake but my skills are not quite up to par in the pancake category. We added sprinkles for flair and they were delicious!

Michael also got to open his presents, including some cleverly disguised ones from his grandma and grandpa. He got a new "End Portal" minecraft lego set, socks, Nintendo DS and games, and a whole stack of new books. He also got some money which is he is going to spend on (you guessed it!) some more minecraft legos. 

On Saturday we had a friends party to celebrate. It was his first at home birthday party and despite my total procrastination in planning it, it turned out pretty fun. We had 7 friends over and it was a mix of neighbors, friends from school and friends from after school daycare (his old daycare friends). It was minecraft themed and despite the plethora of ideas on pinterest, I just picked the easiest and cheapest ones to do. We played pin the tail on the minecraft pig (wearing a minecraft mask), diamond/emerald hunt in the yard, TNT blast off (confetti poppers), find the mobs (with $2 foam swords and arrows the the dollar store), snack time, and free time/bounce house. 

All the snacks were minecraft themed. We had grass squares (green rice krispies treats), hay squares (regular rice Krispies), dirt squares (brownies), torches (pretzel rods with colored chocolate on the end), red stone (strawberries), fish, pumpkins, trap doors (square pretzels), water cubes (blue jello jigglers). The kids thought the snacks were fun and even built little things out of them on their plates. I was impressed with myself! 

Over all, I survived the two hours of the party and I hope kids had fun. Next time I'm going to plan like 1,000 more activities! It was fun meeting some of Michael's new friends and watching them all play together. 

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