Thursday, April 30, 2015

April Wrap Up

April, where have you gone?? My goodness! This has been a fast month and I wanted to share some of my photos from April before it was over. I think the combination of beautiful weather and being busy at school that has made this month fly by. We are looking forward to a lot of exciting things in May (my sister's graduation! Lion King! Trace's birthday! a wedding weekend in Kansas city! school being out! a music conference! my last school concert! buying flowers!) that it feels like I am wishing April away a little bit. I hate doing that because of the whole make every day count thing but I also love the feeling of anticipation at exciting things to come. 

Anna & Brynn are just loving play time and have so much fun sitting up and scooting around. It is so cute to see them sitting up right next to each other...when I had visions of my two sweet little babies, it was this I saw in my head. Their cute little chubby faces, happy smiles and tiny toes are all a dream come true for me. It literally seems like they were born yesterday and as much as I tried for it not to happen it all seems like a blur. Hopefully I am doing something right! I can't wait until summer break when I can just snuggle and play with them all day long. 

Brynn's ponytail just gets me every time. So stinkin' cute!

Sharing? Brynn always seems to want whatever toy Anna has and Anna is content to play with whatever, not even caring if her toy is taken away. I know they are just babies and I shouldn't read into it at any level but it is just interesting to me. 

This pop up toy is the number one thing at our house right now. They love to push down the doors when they are popped up and will scoot fast across the room to make sure they are closed! The best part is that no batteries are required! 

Here comes the girls' favorite person...Michael!! 

The girls absolutely love Michael as you can tell by Anna's face. He is so entertaining to them and it just makes my heart melt. Of course little girls need to love their big brother! He is who they get the most excited for, always, even over mommy! 

It is so fun to watch him play with them...I always try and be sneaky about it because it just melts my heart. He is such a good big brother and I am so proud of his kind ways. I hope he always keeps his sweet spirit. 

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  1. these are all so beautiful and tender!! i'm excited for you to be off this summer (because that means more pictures -- hehe). michael is certainly the Baby Whisperer -- he gets the best expressions from the girls. have a great weekend! we are seeing Lion King next weekend : )

  2. I love the line of drool in the second photo :)
    Also nice job of changing the focal point around to make the photos interesting!

  3. these are precious days for sure! Thanks for letting us in on the cuteness!


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