Saturday, April 25, 2015

My 5K!

A few weeks ago at the beginning of April, I walked in our school's annual 5K that raises money for the PE department. I had wanted to do it for a while but I was busy the past two years. So this year the date rolled around and I had the day free and the weather seemed nice so I went ahead and signed up! 

I was a little nervous about it...I had never done an organized thing like this before. I had just started getting more physically active in just the last couple of months once the girls started sleeping through the night (before that...survival trumped exercising!) so even though I had started walking and being more active I was nervous about actually being able to walk three miles for the event. Would I get last? Would the girls be good? Would I make it?

All of my fears ended up being unfounded and it was a really nice morning. I had fun socializing before the race started with parents, students and colleagues who were all excited to see Anna and Brynn. I don't live in the community where I teach so sometimes I try to make an effort to bring my family with me places so people know that I have a life outside of the band room! 

It was a cool morning but I bundled the girls up in their fleece suits and they were nice and cozy. I thought this would be easier than a blanket and plus they looked so cute! Once the race started, the crowd quickly dispersed itself into the runners and walkers. I passed quite a few walkers at the beginning of the race and then I really was by myself for most of it, between the super fast walkers and the slow walkers. It was nice to wave and chat with the volunteers (mostly colleagues) at the street block offs and everyone was so happy to see the girls. 

During the walk I had a lot of time to think. I admit I felt a little bit silly signing up to walk a 5K but I was also proud of myself for doing it. Just 7 months ago I was pretty sure I would never be able to walk again...twin pregnancy is no joke! I thought of where I was a year ago  and where I hope to be in a year from now. Sometimes time seems so daunting but yet it moves so quickly. I have some big health goals for the future and hopefully they start to become a reality! Even though the race was difficult- I really had to hoof it to finish under an hour (my goal)- I hope it is a marking point at the beginning of my journey to improved health. 

The girls were SO good and didn't even make a peep! They slept for most of the race and just looked around for the other part. 

At the finish line! I did end up beating about 12 other people- not last!  Yay! :o) 

Anyway, I just wanted to share what I've been up to and hopefully I will have more to share in the future! Maybe I will even do another walk and see if I can beat my time?? Stay tuned!


  1. awesome, Rose - this is a prideful moment! there should be several more 5Ks for you to pick from this summer ; )

  2. this is so awesome! I am happy that you did it and that you did so well, and that you were able to do something for yourself! it is not easy to find time to do that even with two, and I don't have two infants in my house! I hope you are able to achieve all that you set out to do on your quest for better health-- I'm sure that you will! -LH


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