Friday, April 17, 2015


Happy Friday! 

It has been a busy, busy week for me this week. I am so happy it is finally Friday! I was dreading this week at the beginning of the week but I kept telling myself that by the time it is over, it will seem like a blink of the eye and sure we are on the other side of it. 

This week was our big swing choir/ jazz band tour day and concert. My colleague and I take our kids around town to the elementary schools on "tour" and it is a great time and good learning experience for the kids. The kids like missing a day of school, spending time with their friends and eating at Pizza Ranch. Little do they know they are also learning the importance of being responsible (loading/unloading equipment, showing up to and being on time), being a team player (everyone helps!), and the joy of sharing music with others. We teachers are sneaky like that. :o) 

The concert went so well last night and it was one of my favorites. My drummer was sick from school and while it left me in a panic and stressed out, I had a former student come and help us out and it ended up being really fun to play with him again. I was so neat to work an old student it really made me realize how much I miss them when they go off to high school. It ended up being a pretty cool concert and I am just on cloud nine about it! 

Now on to why you are really visiting...cute babies! 

The girls are so happy, even when waking up from their naps. Always smiling and happy to see mommy! 

The Easter bunny brought Michael a kite in his basket and we had fun flying it later that day. Scott was surprisingly good at being a kite pilot (what is he not good at? geeze!). Our first kite ended up breaking and fell into the pond but luckily I had a back up that flew really well. It is super windy at our house so we'll have to get it out again! 

My two kitty cats!

My silly girls!

Anna has been sitting up so well lately. Brynn is catching up quickly and can sit by herself for a little bit before toppling over. She is getting stronger every day! It is just so cute to see them sitting up and playing and looking all around. 

7 months old! 

(should probably do a real photoshoot and update post soon!)

My friend hosted a facebook Jamberry party and I really like the product! I had seen people wear it before but never had an opportunity to order so I was excited to try it. So far I am loving them and was surprised at how easy they were to apply. I've been wearing the same wraps for a week now and they still look good. I might change it up this weekend...I'll see how they hold up after the massive yard cleanup I have planned.

"What? Is there food on my face?"

Poor Anna was rubbing her eyes while eating and got food all over! It was so funny and Michael and I laughed and laughed. Usually they stay much cleaner but I am learning that sometimes I just have to give up and hose them down after dinner is over. 

Here are a few cute videos of the girls feeding themselves. They are learning so much and big so fast!

Have a great weekend! 

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