Saturday, April 4, 2015

Insta Update

I have been meaning to post these instas FOREVER!! Like for...two months. Time is seriously flying over here and I just cannot get enough into each day. The girls are growing so fast and it seems like time is so fleeting. I try and take a photo for instagram every day just as a small reminder of these hazy days. It is no joke what twin babies, sleep deprivation, a busy preschooler, a house, a husband and a full time job will do to your energy levels and memory! 

I will hopefully fill you in with what we've been up to as you scroll through the photos. 


Brynn doing a little light reading. This crinkle and texture book is a favorite with the girls! 

Sleepy heads. The girls have been sleeping through the night from 7pm - 5am consistently for a few weeks now. For a while they were just waking once to nurse and I do miss those sleepy in the middle of the night feeding sessions. It was good for catching up on snuggles! 

Michael showing the girls a "trick". He has really enjoyed entertaining the girls or playing with them now that they are older and more engaging. It just melts my heart. 

Clean babies! We are pros at bathtime for two! 

Busy boy, as always. It seems like Michael is always up to creating something new. I love how his mind is always turning. I hope he always keeps his creative and problem solving spirit. 

Bringing snow inside to play with instead of bundling up to go out! 

The next series of photos is from when the girls were down with colds the beginning of February. They were sick for about two weeks, staggered of course. We took Brynn in to urgent care but never got a diagnosis other than just bad colds. :o( Taking care of sick twins is not for the weak hearted- it was a lot of work! 

Baby sick eyes. :o(

The girls would have moments of being happy but mostly they were sleepy and snuggly and cranky for multiple days on end. It was hard to soothe two cranky babies at one time! 

Poor Brynn at urgent care. This was the day of my solo contest at school and she had been home with my mother in law the whole morning. She was fussy for hours and was like nothing I had seen before. I was sure it was an ear infection or some worse but it turns out it was nothing. They did a strep test and it came back negative. We were thankful for a non-flu and non-rsv diagnosis especially since our niece was sick in this hospital with rsv at this time. 

Finally, a smile! 

I know these post feeding nap laps won't last...trying to soak them up while I can! There is just something so sweet about their fuzzy little heads and sweet breathing while they slumber. I love it. 

We have loved these bumbo seats! In the grand scheme of a baby's first year, they use them for such a short period of time but it is nice for them to see what is going on when they can't sit up on their own yet. I only ever put them on the counter when I am right there with them or they go on the floor next to me. They just look so cute sitting up in their little seats!

Ever since the girls were born, we've been taking turns getting Michael to church so he can go to Sunday School each week. I usually seem to be the one volunteering to take him and it has really been a nice little treat for us. I enjoy giving him some extra time and sometimes we'll stop for a coffee and a treat after church or run a quick errand. I really enjoy the quiet time at church! 

Brynn's first pony tail! I die of cuteness. 

We have been loving the weather lately! The first nice day we loaded everyone up and headed to the park, even though the road was still closed and blocked with slush. The sun was bright and warm and it felt sooooo good just to get out of the house and get some fresh air! 

Big girl Anna! 

Pretty in our spring pink. They are growing so fast!

My silly laundry helpers. Two good reasons why I never get anything done around my house! 

Who's ready for an adventure? 

This is from spring break week where the girls were in the car a lot between running Michael to school, errands and walks. They are so good in the car and seem to enjoy getting out of the house for a change of scenery. I had a big arm workout that week from loading and unloading those heavy car seats- wow! 

More sweet, fuzzy head, baby lap naps. 

We got really wild and crazy last weekend and took the girls out to a restaurant for supper. We went to our favorite mexican place that is known to be loud and fast. The girls did great! They were a little fussy but we barely heard them. It was busy so not as fast as usual but we all survived! Aunt Denise came along too as she stopped down to visit for the day and tell us all about her spring break trip to China (very cool!). 

Busy babies! I love how Brynn is totally airborne in the back in her johnny jump up!

I think my favorite thing about the girls is that their eyes are exactly the same. It is always so fun to see two sets of little blue peepers looking up at me. I always think, "wow! TWO babies!" I don't think I will ever be over it. 


I finally earned my Gold Card! Yay! :o) 

Michael looks so big getting his hair cut while I wait in the waiting area. Seeing the future flash before my eyes!

More silly laundry helpers. Brynn doesn't look like she is folding too fast. 

I think that is it for us! We've been busy just keeping up with the every day happenings of our family. We are in good spirits now that the weather is getting nicer and we can get outside a bit. The girls are so fun and growing fast each day. As I write this, we are close to their 7 month birthday and then each month after that means we are getting closer to the big number ONE! Wow! 

Have a great day!


  1. you guys have been busy! I can see in the bottom picture where the girls get their beautiful eyes from -- just the same color as mommy! They are sure sweet, and so is big brother, thanks for sharing. :) -LH

  2. Hi Rose! Happy Easter! What a beautiful family you have :) I see that I am WAY out of touch, but I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your lovely little boy, Trace. Like you said, he is safe with our Father in Heaven now, and he lives on in your sweet memories of him! I am sending some prayers your way. <3


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