Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Six Month Stats!

I was so surprised to see the girls' weights at their appointment earlier this week! Anna gained two pounds and 10 ounces while Brynn gained two pounds and 5 ounces! Anna also grew two inches and Brynn only grew half an inch. Anna feels much bigger to me but Brynn is no shrimpy...she is pretty chubby, too! 

Our doctor (who we don't usually see because our usual one was on spring break) was so impressed with the girls and how strong and healthy they have been. He also loved their big smiles and social interaction. We are so blessed! 

Keep on growing, big girls! :o) 


  1. they are so cute-- I love watching them grow and develop! Does having the headbands have different colors on them help people remember who is who? They have a different look to them, but I have a hard time remembering which one looks which way! They are both just darling though, and I love seeing pictures of them! :) Glad their appointments went well, that always makes a mama so happy! -LH

  2. Love the headbands! You have the cutest ones! (and the bald spots - Gracie has a matching one :)


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