Thursday, March 19, 2015

Kindergarten Roundup

Michael had Kindergarten Roundup last Friday!

It felt like a big day to me, one of those ticks on the timeline of your life. Like, wow...we are almost to the huge milestone of starting Kindergarten! I was definitely anxious about it, not about how Michael would do (he would be fine) but just that it is another passing of time markers that makes you reflect on everything that has happened up to that point. 

I just feel like this time from Michael being born until now has gone so fast. I know it will go just as fast with the girls. I know these are the days and I want to make sure I do everything I can to make the most of it. I don't want to have regrets about not doing something fun when we had the opportunity, knowing when to disconnect and spend time as a family, and being the best mom I can be. This is not only my life but my family's life and I am helping to write their story- it is a big deal! 

Anyway...back to roundup. It was just for a morning and the kids rotated through the four different classrooms for an activity in each one. Next year there will be three kindergarten classes and one transitional class. Michael said his favorite part was recess and the bus ride around town (and past our house!). He seemed to get along well with the other kids and was happy when I picked him up. I know he will love school and will do well but I still have worries for him. What if he has a teacher that misunderstands him? What if he get picked on by other kids? What if he picks on other kids? What if he gets bored? What if its too hard? What if his teacher doesn't care? Are we doing enough at home to help him? 

I do, of course, know all the facts about how kids succeed in school and yada yada yada...and I hope that by Michael knowing he is so loved and special helps him to succeed in school or anything situation he is in. We have had lots of conversations lately about what is right and what is wrong and why that is. This is where I can sense parenting is going to get harder...its not just about soothing his cries but helping his soul and spirit and guiding him along the right path. Michael was tired the other night and when I asked him for the millionth time to get his jammies on he told me he hated me. Of course, I knew he did not mean it and was just repeating an act he saw someone else because...we never say that in our house. I'm pretty sure we don't say we hate anything...or say things suck...anyway, later he told me he heard a friend say that to his caregiver and it just hurt my heart. We talked for a long time about it but it just makes me sad that he has to be exposed to things I have no control over. Hopefully he can stay on the right path and keep his sweet, good natured self just the way he is! 

Anyway, I got off on a little tangent there but overall the day seemed to go well. The girls stole the show as I had to wheel them in to sign Michael in and pick him up. They did look extra cute that morning so I can understand. :o) It was cute seeing Michael be proud of them when showing them to the teacher and telling her he was a good big brother and helper. 

Here's to many new adventures!


  1. I am in the same boat as you, Rose, with Jeremiah heading to K next year. And I feel the same exact way- I could have written this same blogpost (minus 1 cute baby girl, lol)! :) It is so hard to think of sending our precious boys out into the big school world! So many fears, unknowns, questions... But thankfully that is just me, J is just so excited! :) I'll say prayers for both of us through this transition!

  2. If there is one thing I love more than adorable headbands for the girls, it's leggings!!! Especially polka dot ones and ones in cute floral prints like these!


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