Sunday, March 8, 2015

Baby Cousins!

At the end of February, my mom was in town to watch my new niece, Noelle, while her mom went back to work and before she started daycare in March. Since mom was in town, she came out to our house for the weekend and then on Sunday, Noelle and her family came out as well as my grandparents and my aunt Gwen. My mom had gotten these cute outfits for all the girls so we got them all dressed up and had a lot of fun posing them for photos! It was a bit silly, but so fun to look back at the photos and remember all of us fawning over all three girls. They are only two months apart in age- while it seems like quite a bit at this stage, after they are a year old it will seem like they are triplets! 

It was so cute seeing them together and trying to get them to smile for photos. Brynn was being a cranky pants because she hadn't taken a nap when her sister did, Anna was being a total ham and smiling up a storm for everyone, and Noelle was just wondering what the heck was going on! At one point one of the girls even tried to steal Noelle's binky from her! They are ganging up already (in a fun way, of course!). 

Their outfits came with these cute bows and I really like the style of them. I keep forgetting to search etsy for some other headwrap style bands for the is so hard for me to shop for accessories without thinking of a specific outfit they could go with. Plus I usually get sidetracked by other cute things I find when I'm browsing! 

Anna, hammin' it up! 

Pretty girl, getting big so fast! Noelle had spent one very long week in the hospital during February with RSV and pneumonia and so we are so happy she is doing better now. It is scary stuff for such a tiny girl! 

My grandma, mom and all three babies! So neat to see them all together! 

I was so glad we could all get together for that afternoon and spend some time together. Special memories!

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