Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Baby Food!

As I mentioned in the girls' six month post, we have recently started trying baby food. I was very nervous about this because I thought about all the extra gear, clean up, time, etc. involved and it just seemed like too much. Well once I got everything out and supplies bought, it turned out not to be that big of a deal. They do seem messier than when we were trying foods with Michael but maybe that is just because there is twice the mess? They are pretty adorable and seem to enjoy it so that makes it worth it! 

We also thought it was probably easier just to strip them down to their diaper and then hose them off to save on laundry stains. We are pretty good at bathing them at the same time so it is no extra time on our part. 

Anna above and Brynn below. I was loving this late afternoon light from our sunroom! May have found a sweet spot in my home. 

This night we were trying sweet potato and rice cereal. Since then we have tried squash and peas. They definitely seem to like the vegetables better than just the cereal....that is, of course, if they are actually ingesting any of it. 

A few instas...Brynn above and Anna below. 

They just look so big I can hardly stand it! :o) Here's to many more new adventures! 

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  1. Love the baby food smiles! I'm both looking forward to and dreading baby food!


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