Saturday, March 21, 2015

End of Feb. Photos

I'm trying to get my blog updated since I didn't do much in February so here is the rest of our photos from last month when the girls were five months old. I think the lack of updating was a combo of February being short, busy for me at school, coming down off the adrenaline high of returning to work...or something! Maybe just being busy with three kids at home? 

I try and pull my camera out each weekend a little bit just to capture the girls while we are taking it easy at home, which is mostly what we are up to on weekends anyway. The girls are pretty much always home, unless we take them out in the car only or to the doctor. It seems like Scott has had a string of working Saturday mornings so it has been busy for me especially. Hopefully these photos and posts are a nice reflection of our peaceful weekend days at home. 

We brought the baby exercaucer up from downstairs and it is a hit with the girls. It was a hand me over from our niece who I think got it as a hand me over also and wow- it is a timeless toy. For the short period of time they use it, it is really handy and fun. At one point in time, I thought about getting two but that would be have been too much and plus this way the girls can take turns in it and it stays fresh and new to them. 

The favorite is the red "cookie" which the girls always try to grab right away! 

Michael loved it too and I have such fond memories of his cute little face while he would play during our time at home together! 


The babies are just so cute I can't help but capture their sweet little faces together! Brynn on the left and Anna on the right. 

Brynn, their matching sets of peepers!

I try and remember to always take some separate of each girl so every photo from their childhood isn't of both of them together! I haven't started their scrapbooks yet (on the list for summer break) but not sure how I will tackle it...maybe make some individual pages along with the ones together and I can just print two books? Who knows! 

Hopefully I will get a few more updates in here before my spring break is over...just one more day left! Eek! 

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  1. The girls are getting so big! Love the pics :)


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