Sunday, January 25, 2015

Round here

Another week in the books! 

School survival mode is still in full force but by golly, we are making it work. I know that every time I've gone back to school after taking a leave I've always felt like I've let my students down so I am trying hard to still be there for them 100% during school hours. And when I am at home I am trying to be there for my family 100%. However, there is still some overlap...lots of pumping happening at school (I am aiming for three pumping sessions just to get enough for about half of their feedings) and some school work done at home when babies are in bed. 

I've been trying to pull out my regular camera on the weekends just to capture a little bit of the girls because I know this time is just going to be gone in the blink of an eye and lord knows I won't remember any of it (thank you, sleep deprivation). I have been thinking a lot back to the days when Michael and I were home all by ourselves for long days when I was only working part time when he was this age. We had lots of fun together, but that was hard too, in its own way. I feel like I have experience in a lot of different scenarios in terms of working/mothering and there is no right answer! They are all hard and draining and exhausting and make you question if you are doing the right thing! I take faith that lots of my coworkers have lovely families and they make it work too on a teacher's schedule. 

I'm not sure if I've talked about it on my blog or not yet, but we installed these foam tiles in our sunroom to make a playroom for the girls and we are loving it. It makes a cushy (yet wipeable) play space for the girls (and for my bottom!) and helps us to keep all the baby stuff in one area. Michael also loves it and we are wondering why we never anything like it before? The wood grain tiles are a little cheesy but it was either that or primary colored ABC tiles. We bought two sets with Christmas money from family. 

Michael has been loving all his lego sets he got for Christmas. The smaller the pieces, the better! He likes following the directions to put together the sets and he also likes making his own creations. I am always surprised at what he makes- monsters, phones, cool! 

We've had a little heat wave this week in Iowa but I know it is just a tease...lots of winter still left! It has been nice to get out and enjoy the nice weather though. Makes thoughts of spring seem so lovely. 

That is it for us! Hope things are going well with you!


  1. glad to hear you are continuing to balance as best as possible. i agree that any scenario (work/home) has its struggles and positives. it's nice to bring out the "real" camera! i usually can't tell, but the pics in this post are so sharp and clean! i see a lot of Trace expressions : )

  2. Rose I wouldn't have noticed the the wood floor were tiles if you hadn't pointed it out! It's not cheesy! It's smart and allows you to maintain order and have a safe place for babies to play! I am surviving with just one baby - you're doing great with TWO! Don't forget that you're doing awesome - BTW I quit BF'ing after two weeks with one. I could't take the stress of it let alone go back to work and pump and plan all of it!


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