Thursday, January 29, 2015

Insta Updates

So...I'm trying to lose all pretenses that I will update with InstaFriday but just trying to post my instagrams every week or so. I do try and post daily on my instagram account but I like to share them here also! They are such fun little snapshots of our days. 

Naked babies! I read that babies feel more free to move around without any clothes on so I've been trying to crank the heat and let them be free every once in a while, especially since they are usually bundled up since it has been so cold out this month. Their chubby legs- gah! I could eat them right up! 

I love this drooly face. I feel like I can practically smell her little milk breath through the photo! 

I really wanted to get some matching throws for our theater room that were monogrammed with our last name. We always snuggle up with a blanket while we are watching something but it looks terrible the way different blankets are mismatched all over the place. My mother in law asked for gift ideas and I had a hard time communicating exactly what I wanted so she gave me a gift card instead that I cashed in this month. I thought it was a little ridiculous but after I ordered them, I really liked the way they looked! It is nice that they are matching and are good quality from Land's End. I think at Christmas next year I will move them upstairs to add a little holiday color to our living areas. 

My favorites! 

I went out to lunch with school friends during a teacher meeting day and I could not stop looking at this face in our chip basket!!! hahah!! It cracks me up every time I look at it!

I took students to an honor band earlier last week and had a really nice day. Doing things like this is something you don't really learn about in to drive the huge school van, creating an itinerary, debating if you should give kids your cell phone number just in case. Since this is my second year doing it, I felt more comfortable and really enjoyed my day. I also remembered that the college campus we were at has a very nice coffee shop just across the street from the rehearsal space...score! I was basically thinking about it all morning and headed straight there after I dropped the kids off. There has to be some perks, right? ;o) 

Also, after the concert I was scanning the room to wave at parents who were taking kids home and I ran into a very nice lady who was very excited to see me and was chatting up a storm. She was asking questions about my twins, if they were sleeping, how old were they now, how happy she was for me, etc. I could not for the life of me figure out who she was- obviously she looked super familiar to me but I couldn't place her. I didn't realize until hours later that she is one of the ob/gyns in my practice!!! DUH!!! I was so embarrassed but it was one of those things where you are so used to seeing people only in one place and it is weird to see them out of context. I felt terrible I couldn't immediately place her so I hope I didn't come across as weird (I still chatted with her though!). She is one of my favorites- sent me a card after Trace died and was the first ob we saw after we found out we were having twins...gosh now I just feel terrible! 

Early mornings- nice to have Michael join me as he is usually sleeping when I take off for school. 

School essentials...for real. 

Besides the first week being very cold, it has been a great January which has made commuting and just winter in general pretty nice. It really helps! Hopefully we are not in for a bad surprise in February and March with winter weather. 

My little bunny! I got these outfits for the girls at Christmas and they are still a little too big for the 6 month size. They are almost too big for their 3 month sleepers but I just don't want to move them to the bigger size yet…I want them to stay little forever! 

We had a nice lunch with friends of ours last weekend and it was nice to catch up. It is so funny how our lives have changed and I'm glad we can still find time to get together even though it is crazy with small children!

…and finally, how can you resist this smile? Happy baby! 

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  1. I love all of these smiles -- even the chip man! I get not placing a face out of context. You were probably thinking, "Wow, she has a special interest in babies!" LOL She sounds like a great OB. I thought it was so kind you sent them the pictures and cards as a thank you. That relationship is so unique and sacred.


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