Saturday, January 17, 2015

4 Month Update!

Baby girls are four months old!


I can't believe how fast this time has gone. I am so lucky to have been able to spend almost all of their first four months of life with them at home. It has been a special time for sure but also like a big blur mostly thanks to extreme sleep deprivation. Raising twins is hard and I'm sure there are parts of my brain that are gone forever!

The girls are continuing to grow! Here are their stats from their well baby appointment:

 I can definitely tell they are getting heavier and I am getting stronger as a result! They love to talk and tell stories, chew on their hands, look at their toys, try and grasp their toys, give big smiles and are just pretty happy all around. They have also started taking more interest in Michael when he is playing around them- their little eyes are always following him! 

In terms of schedule, I feel like we've found a pretty good groove that is working for us. The girls eat every three (sometimes four if they sleep longer) hours and in between each feeding they have playtime and rest time. They have been laying down for rests really really well lately and I hope I am not jinxing it by typing this! Usually they might fuss for a few minutes if they lose a pacifier, but for the most part we put them in their fuzzy sleep sack, give them their binky, lay their lovey next to their cheek, turn on their music player and they are good to go. We've had some very good nights with seven or eight hour stretches and then we've had some nights where they have woken up every three hours on the dot. I usually try and soothe them back to sleep if they wake up before midnight in hopes they start to get the message! 

Bedtime has been around 7pm although the girls are usually getting tired around 6:30. Our routine has been that right after supper I will send the noisy boys downstairs and the girls and I will nurse and snuggle and then go down to bed at 7. It has been working well. I wish they could stay up later to spend more time with us but I know Michael always thrived on an early bedtime too. 

I've been back to work for two weeks now and the girls have been with our nanny that long also. Our nanny comes to our home and so far it seems to be going well. I was lucky to have a few (3!) late starts this week so I got to be here when our nanny came and it was fun to see the girls light up for her with big smiles and coos. It makes me sad that I can't be with them all the time but I am happy they have good care while I am at school. I can't imagine trying to get everyone out the door every morning- carseats, changes, diaper bags, traveling, extra germs.....and so we are so blessed that I can just feed the girls in the morning and be on my merry way. We think it is working out really well so far! 

Anna, then Brynn (they look so much alike in these photos!)

Nursing continues to go well. The girls are still getting distracted when eating and I notice sometimes they will eat more in the middle of the night than during the day when there is just so much going on! I am pumping at school and it is a ton of extra work but I want to keep our breastfeeding relationship going until summer so I can nurse full time again. Some days I feel like five months of pumping isn't too bad and then other days....ugh. I have one period of time that is pretty solidly carved out during my day for pumping and I try and do another one before school starts in the morning but that can be tricky to squeeze in. We have had an irregular schedule at school this week so I hope when we get into a more regular routine I can keep my pumpings more consistent. Anyway...hope that wasn't TMI!
We are just having so much fun with the girls every day and they are such a joy to us. However, I have had some hard days especially at Christmas because the girls just remind me so much of Trace when we lost him. The way they look at me with their pretty blue eyes, their sweet voices and smiles, it all just makes me think of my little baby that left me too soon. This time has gone by in a flash and I can't believe that Trace was with us for just the same flash of time. 

We are busy, busy, busy over here but life is good and we are all surviving! Thanks for stopping by! 

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