Saturday, January 31, 2015

End of January

Whew...we made it! January is (almost) over and we all survived. FOUR weeks of school. FOUR weeks of childcare. FOUR weeks older, better and wiser. 

I wish I could indulge you all in some amazing tips on how to manage twin babies and working but I have none! It has been pure survival...there is no other way I can put it. Like all I can do it do what I absolutely need to that day to make it to the next. I'm going to bed at 8:30 or 9 every night. All of our laundry piles up until Saturday. I am only grocery shopping once a week and we have to scrounge or get take out if we need more than that. Clutter is building up. No time to do extra organizational projects or crafty fun things. Trying to do anything extra on top of just the day to day is so much extra work. We are expecting a house full of guests again next weekend and I am trying to get ready for them this weekend because it is just impossible to do anything after dinner on a weeknight. We did host family this week and while we made it work I felt bad for being such poor company from being exhausted. 

One thing that is really helping is our nanny, Haley. It is so nice to have the girls home and she does a great job of not only caring for the girls, but will do a few (girls related) chore also. She usually does a load of their little laundry (and puts it away!!) every day and will empty the dishwasher. She also makes sure the house is in the same condition she finds it in so the toys and stuff are picked up when we get home. It is so nice and those little things really help me out...I wonder if that is what it is like to have a wife? We feel that yes, a nanny is more expensive than traditional childcare but it is really worth it in value. It's not something I ever saw myself doing but we love it and encourage everyone to seek it out as an option! 

So...that is where we are at this week! 

Here are some photos: 

I love how much alike the girls look in this photo! Yes, they are identical and no, they won't  grow out of it (a student asked me that this week- cute!).  Anna is trying to catch up to Brynn in the hair department and has some strands that are just as long as Brynn's, they are just few and far between. 

Hands! The girls just recently have discovered their hands and are pretty strong at grabbing on to toys. They like to hold my hand while we are snuggling and sometimes they will hold on to each other if they are close (well...Anna likes to hold on to Brynn's hair but that is a whole different thing!). 

I see you, Mommy! 

The girls are getting so strong! We are doing lots of tummy time now and they will tolerate it for quite a while. Even while holding them, their heads stay steady. They both have started to do little baby crunches to try and lift their head up while laying on their backs. I think they are realizing a whole world is out there and they got to lay their eyes on it!! 

Anna being silly! The hardest thing is that it is hard to interact with both of them at once. Sometimes while I am talking to one, I will look over and the other one is being a total goofball. Its cute. 



A college friend who has twin boys a little older than the girls sent me these Iowa State onesies that look like a heart. They are so cute and she made them herself. We've worn them several times and they are so neat! 

The good news is that it is only six weeks until spring break! January-March is typically a very busy time for me at school so I am very much looking ahead to spring break and the relief it will hopefully bring me. But before I get there I have to get through solo contest, one BIG concert with all my bands, an honor band festival, a jazz band concert, conferences and of course every day taking care of my family and home. I can do it! I see the light at the end of the tunnel!!

Have a great weekend! :o) 

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