Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Back to School....

Going back to school has been going well! I hesitate to use the word transition because honestly it has been like 0-60, hitting a brick wall straight on! I think part of it is coming back right at the semester when things are in full swing vs. the beginning of the year when you are truly just getting things up and running. I feel like finally after about two weeks of being up to my eyeballs, I can finally be home at night and not constantly worry about what needs to be done. 

The number one hardest part about being back at school has been that my time at home seems so limited. By the time I get home (which is early-4:30!) we just have a few hours of family time before everyone goes to bed. I try not to be busy during that time but I still have to get dinner ready and do a few chores for the next day. The second hardest part about being back at school has been the energy level required to teach all day in front of children. Wowzers- the mental and physical aspects of it are draining! I've been trying to be in bed right after the kids- usually around 8:30 but sometimes as early as 7, even though my husband rolls his eyes at me. With the girls waking sometimes as much as four times a night I need to try and find at least a good chunk of time otherwise it is too much. I do worry about myself being so tired- especially things like driving. I'm trying to do as much self- preservation as possible! 

I've been struggling with trying to find the feel of my new schedule. This was made extra hard because the first week back with had an early out, school cancellation, and three late start days! The days were hectic, the periods were extra short, and I lost a lot of my planning time because of the weather. So the 2nd week back with all normal days has been much easier and I am finding room to breathe. 

I'm surprised at how easy jumping back in front of class of kids was. It's fun, exciting and invigorating to me to be teaching again. I have some groups of students that are just plain awesome and it is fun that they trust me to take them somewhere great. I think we are going to have a great semester of making music together! 

It has also felt good to settle back into my office and band room. I had to go in to school during break just to get everything back in order because it was a mess! eek! 

I also got my bulletin board up to speed with updated instas of my favorite people! I love it but I think it is also neat for my students to see that yes....I also have a life outside of school. They like to see my kids and always ask about them. It is a good way to open the channels of communication and form good connections with my students. Some of the most influential people in my education were my music teachers and I hope I can be an influence to my students as well. 

My motto for this semester is from this jazz band chart we are playing- It is what it is. This is so education there are so many times where we can only do what we can and what happens, happens. It is what it is! I try and give 100% to my job and whatever happens after that sometimes is just in the hands of fate. 

I've been trying to stay organized with an Erin Condren teacher planner this year. I always struggle with finding a way to organize my plans in a good way and so far this seems to be working. I plan for every rehearsal and also have space for a running to do list. It also has a large calendar and lots of spaces for student checklists (I use for forgotten instruments, etc). I love the bright colors and it makes me happy! 

I had all these boring work instas so I thought I would just talk a little bit about how going back to school was going....thanks for sticking with me! 

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  1. you appear so organized : ) i enjoy seeing people's desks for some reason, and bulletin boards are a bonus! i like how you are 'real' with your students. i always liked teachers who talked about their family. enjoy your upcoming weekend!


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