Monday, January 19, 2015

Insta Updates

I haven't shared my intas in a while so I thought I'd get caught up today! Don't forget you can follow me on instagram @rosekundel. I try and post every day but somedays it is super boring, especially now that I am back at school! 

Sassy pants, Anna...getting some snuggle in time after school. Both girls are so, so strong and hold their heads up steady like a champ! 

Anna at her 4 month appointment! Chubby baby!

We have had a wild ride of weather these first to weeks in January. Last week we had weather delays every day! Crazy! 

We officially switched out of the swaddle and into sleep sacks sometime in December. It has been going super well and the girls lay down really well without being swaddled. We only have 3 sets of sleep sacks and we really need more- it seems like every morning someone has had a blow out in their jammies! 

I had a huge pile of school work to do last weekend so Michael joined me at the table and entertained me with the stories he drew. He is just the sweetest! I wish he could stay five forever!

My mother in law brought these Herdy UK bibs back from her trip this fall and the girls are so cute in them. They are very hip for babies internationally! 

Fat tummies! 

My two sleeping beauties!

Getting some morning snuggles in before school starts! 

Having fun on our snow day- it was so nice to be home! 

My new trio of mugs! I've used them every day at school and I really like them. They do add a little fun to my morning! 

Right before Christmas- so brown! 

That's it for me....take care!

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  1. even though i've seen these, it's fun to see them all over again with a new narrative : ) i agree that age 5 is so sweet and michael seems to play so well on his own with all sorts of creativity! your insta wall in your classroom is really neat!!!


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