Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tummy Time & Rolls

Happy Tuesday! 

The girls have been wearing 3 month size clothing pretty solidly for a while now and it is so fun to dress them in all their pretty outfits! Almost all of our clothes were gifts so it is fun to put them in different things and think of the people who gave them to us. I love when they are matching but I also love when they are coordinating! 

Tummy time! They are both getting stronger every day and it is so fun to see them with their little heads up like tiny turtles. You can see Brynn's neck in the photo- they are both having trouble with a little rash under their little neck rolls. I got a special cream from the doctor and it seems to be helping! Good thing neck rolls are perfectly acceptable and cute on babies! :o) 

Do you notice that Brynn has a sneaky look in her eye? Just wait...



Three! And over she goes! 

I'm having so much fun with my sweet girls! We are looking forward to a great Thanksgiving week and kicking off the start of December! 


  1. Okay, they are too precious in their matching sleepers!!

  2. These are the sweetest! It's hard to believe they are old enough to roll!

  3. Whenever I'm having a rough day I just look at your blog. Cutest babies ever!!!
    So happy for you...


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