Friday, November 7, 2014


Happy Friday! 

If I was in school now, this would be a day off for me! Every year it seems like conference week (and the teacher comp day) correlate with my birthday! Since my birthday is Monday, if I were working and had the day off I would be doing all sorts of fun things like treating myself to a shopping day, lunch out with Scott, etc. But alas, I am not doing any of those things today! 

I was complaining to Scott last night how I can not get a single thing done during the day unless the girls are sleeping because it is just so much work to keep them happy and content when they are awake. I was mostly upset because I was trying to squeeze in a measly twenty minutes on the elliptical and both girls couldn't play happily by themselves for just a little bit. I was up and down for about ten minutes trying to exercise and soothe a baby at the same time and it was really frustrating! So I gave up and then ended up with TWO crying babies that required lots of my energy. Immediately after complaining about it last night I felt terrible and realized how blessed I am to GET to hold two babies all day long! If I can just get over my own self and stop trying to run a house and a family I think I can be at peace with this season of my life. Anyone have any solutions? Just let the clutter/dishes/laundry build up all day and deal with it at night to have a clean house in the morning? I think the most frustrating part of it to me is that visually seeing all the clutter in my house drives me bonkers! 

Anyway, so I guess what I am trying to say is here are two weeks of photos of me holding babies since that is basically what I do all day! :o) 

Throw back thursday to Michael when he was about the girls' age! I think the girls look similar to him although he was a pretty chunky monkey! 

Anna: naptime is so rough! The struggle is real! 

Sometimes one girl will still be out at naptime and the other is ready to get up so I will grab them and they can finish sleeping in my lap. It is nice to have them one on one! 

My trio! Can't forget about big brother and his new spiderman jammies! 

Brynn looking bright eyed at our lunch out at Gortz Haus with grandma and my aunt Gwen. I had never been there before so it was a nice treat and we had the place to ourselves. The Gortz Haus is an art gallery and cafe in an old church in Grimes. It is really sweet inside and a fun place for a lunch out! 

Baby snuggles!

Anna is like, "Seriously?". Pretty in pink this day!

More baby snuggles! 

Last week Michael celebrated Halloween at his school with a party. He said he wanted to bring treats and so we made these little Kleenex sucker ghosts. Pretty awesome, right? I was all for a quick, easy craft that Michael could help with (he drew the faces). He came with about six goody bags so I hope parents appreciate the fact that we didn't send their kid home with lots more candy than they need! 

Two backseat buddies! 

My mom was here this past week but the week before I was all on my own. As luck had it, I also had THREE appointments scheduled that week. Scott was a big help and let me drop the girls off at his office for a little bit while I buzzed to the appointments and back again. However, it did mean I did my fair share of backseat nursing- a new adventure with twins! 

This is what I'm usually doing. Yup...exciting. :o) 

That's it for me! Have a great Friday! 

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  1. Rose -- as always, precious photos of your kiddies (and good you are getting some selfies in, too!!). I don't have any solid advice for housekeeping : ), but it may help to know the season you are in now is temporary and, over time, you will find more balance. You probably don't realize how much insight you've gained over the weeks -- I'm impressed with what I learn from you. It sounds like right now you are trying to fit in some self-care, which is probably lacking and overdue. Your frustration is a very normal response when you aren't getting all of your needs met (sleep, exercise, coffee, etc). Frustration or venting doesn't make the love or blessedness any less ... it lets Scott know how you feel : ) Enjoy your weekend. I look forward to your Instas!


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