Friday, November 21, 2014


Happy Friday! 

I love doing these Friday posts because they seem like a great way to wrap up the week (or two weeks) and mark the passage of time. It also makes my heart hurt a little bit because I know the number of Fridays I have left before returning to work are limited! 

I have had a fantastic maternity leave and I am 100% looking forward to returning to work. I've attended two concerts at school the past two weeks and it just felt good to be back at school and see my students. I started getting excited and thinking of all the fun things we could do in the mind was going a mile a minute. I think that is a good sign I am ready to return to work! I am also blessed to have been able to take an extended amount of time off- I have not worked since May and that will have been 7 months off of school. I feel like it allowed me to have a relaxing end of my pregnancy and a peaceful time at home with newborns. I'm happy to have had some special bonding time with the girls and a true break from my normal life- I have no commitments except for caring for babies. I hope I can look back on this time with fond memories!   

And now on to the important business...cute babies! 


Brynn smiles!


Pretty in pink!

All clean! Luckily both girls think it is really fun to be naked, so usually one can entertain herself on the bathroom floor being naked while I am giving the other their bath. It is pretty fun for all!

All snuggled up! 

And now...non- baby stuff!

I have been running around the last week gathering supplies for my Jesse Advent Tree. I ordered this book from Amazon to start. It is beautiful, a large size, and the stories are easy to read. I used the stories and pictures to help guide my ornament selection process. I bought most of the ornaments at Hobby Lobby and World Market and had to gather a few from things around the house. I am excited to start this new tradition with Michael and hopefully I can share more once we get it going in December. 

I also got all my baby thank you's wrapped up- so overwhelmed by the generosity of my friends and family!! I don't think I have written this many thank you notes since my wedding! It felt good to get it done and now I can focus on getting Christmas cards out! 

We had a string of pretty rough nights last week which ended up with long stretch of time where I was not sleeping. Luckily, I was able to take myself on a virtual middle of the night vacation to one of my future travel destinations! I love looking at photos of people's vacations and hope that we can actually book one ourselves in the next four years or so. 

My silly big boy. Scott and I have been tag teaming Sunday mornings at church. It is nice because it gives us each a little bit of alone time with Michael, especially if we run errands to the toy aisle of Walmart! 

After the girls' two month appointment last week, I treated myself to a hot drink for dealing with six immunizations on my sweet babies. However, the barista made my drink wrong and gave me the wrong one along with the right one. It was quite the dilemma- what to do?? Drink them both? Luckily I was reassured by my instagram friends that two babies means two drinks so I went for it. And then I was suuuper productive until all hours of the night! Holy caffeine overload! 

I love these photos of Michael with his sisters- he is doing such a good job being a big brother! They love to keep an eye on him and see what he is doing! 

The face of a 32 year old! Happy Birthday to me! :o) 

And that's it for this post! Whew- that is a lot of instas! 

Have a great weekend! :o) 

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