Thursday, November 13, 2014

2 Months!

The girls had their two month well baby appointment yesterday! Technically they are 9 weeks old...and growing fast! 

Here are their stats: 

10 lbs 6 oz
22 inches

9lbs 7oz
21 inches 

Both have gained over four pounds since being born! Yay! It was so exciting to watch Anna tip the scales to over the 10 lb mark- the nurse and I were both cheering! Good job, babies! 

The girls have really started to make some developmental jumps just in the last few days. I've been catching more and more smiles, as well as them just watching my face and looking around like they know what is going on. They are also more sensitive to noises and will turn their head for musical toys or start crying if something loud startles them. They are also getting so strong and have really good neck control which makes it so much easier when trying to pick them up or hold them both at once. 

We are also experiencing more and more happy baby time- times when they are awake and not screaming. It is a welcome change for this mama! Our schedule continues to improve every day and the girls are doing a great job stretching out their feedings to 3 hours- it helps for times when I am out of the house or just having some predictability in our lives. I would love to feed them on demand but it is just too hard with two babies! 

Miss Anna chubby cheeks. 

Miss Brynn sassy pants. 

People have been asking if their personalities have started to develop in different ways. So far we haven't seen a ton of personality but it seems to me like Anna is more sweet and content while Brynn is more stronger willed and energetic. When sleeping, Anna will always lay right down in her crib, look around and fall asleep without fighting. But if someone is awake too soon, crying, or fighting sleep.... 9 times out of 10 it will be Brynn. 

I have celebrated a few milestones of my own this week- turning 32! There are days when I feel like I am too old to have newborns and there are days where I feel like the best is yet to come. I am working hard at trying to get back in shape so I can have more energy and be the best mom I can be! 

I also had a big milestone of taking the girls out to the doctor appointment all by myself. It was a big, big job! The girls were very good except for their shots but they calmed down quickly afterwards. The nurse said it was a good thing I had such a calm personality...making me a perfect twin mom. I'm glad I have her fooled! :o) 

I also took the girls out to their first target trip this morning! They have been taking a good, consistent morning nap around 9:30 so I figured it would be the perfect time to sneak out of the house. I asked Scott to grab some baby tylenol last night but he forgot so I thought I would just run and get it quick since it seemed like the girls were still uncomfortable from their shots. So I loaded them up, put them in their stroller and took Target by storm. It went really well and I was proud of myself. Using my stroller meant I could only get things that fit into my basket but that is all I needed anyway. We took a big lap around the store while I did some browsing and we really got the twin "celebrity" treatment. Every person we passed would smile or say, "wow! Twins!". Parents would tell their kids to "look at the two babies!". In the checkout line, the lady behind me said her granddaughter was expecting twins and the cashier said she had twin boys that were now grown. It was really funny to me and I'm glad the girls were snoozing and behaving the whole time. The cashier said I must have a really nice family and I agreed. :o) 

20 twinkle toes! Full of blessings! 

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  1. these photos are making me smile so big! i love hearing about their milestones and hearing how you manage your day : ) it's fun how you are getting the celebrity treatment ... sounds like a good esteem booster to be deemed as calm and having a nice family. keep getting in the photos, too : )


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